Skin&Food: Karen's Story

A little over a year ago I started to notice my face getting worse and worse. It was breaking out in what didn’t really look like pimples per-say but more like a rash. The texture of my skin tone was no longer smooth but bumpy and occasionally flare up.  I was 29, I was engaged, and working at a job that became very stressful. I am not one to wear a full face of make up on the daily, (a personal preference) as well as I didn't need to for work. As the wedding planning began I started getting very concerned on the appearance of my face. I am lucky to have been raised with a mother who is very holistic so we both started researching potential remedies both internal and external. Nothing worked, (granted I was not very patient and my job situation wasn't getting better) so I decided to seek professional help. Rather than going to a dermatologist who I felt was most likely going to prescribe to me some sort of medication that again could potential mess worse with my internal hormones etc. I chose to go to see a Nutritionist. This particular holistic nutritionist follows the “Wildtarian" diet, which in brief is: eating clean and sticking to the more "wild" meats such as wild caught fish or bison. Overall my experience with her was very informative and she definitely helped me feel more in-tune with my body by eliminating many foods that caused inflammation within me but sadly my face did not improve much.

By January 2019 I was highly considering going to a dermatologist or paying for an expensive facial treatment but before all if that I made the decision to eliminate my biggest stressor and to quit my job. The stress from work had caused acute adrenal fatigue which was the cause of my internal and external inflammation. It was by fate that Emily approached me with the offer to become an Un-Diet Ambassador! Feeling more confident than ever I decided to clean it all up a step further. In addition I sought out a supplement that helps balance out hormones to cover all my bases. With my nutrition in check by "Un-Dieting" I started seeing results within my first month. Fewer breakouts and the texture started to smooth out. By the time May rolled around I had beautiful skin for my wedding but importantly now that I am 30 I think I have the best skin that I’ve had since my teens! I even got carded the other day haha! I am a HUGE believer that the skin is a reflection of whats going on on the inside and I cant imagine ever going back to my old ways.



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