| un•diet | /unˈdīət/

un•dieting, to un•diet, but do you un-diet though?

> the act of completely removing processed foods, toxic products & repairing your relationship with food

> the act of consuming real food

> the act of eating, not dieting



Un-Diet was developed with one goal in mind. To be the solution to the countless problems that we are now facing in the Health & Food Industries. The problem is we have lost the true purpose and function of food in our lives and developed behaviors detrimental to our long-term health, formed negative associations & toxic relationships with food, and become victimized to marketing. The idea of quick fixes are winning over knowledge, and food trends have made it almost impossible to navigate through a grocery store, restaurant and even your own fridge.

The book originated as a tool for Author, Emily Meisner, to use with her clients. She had noticed that almost all of her client's would put in great effort during their training, but when it came to nutrition, they were all suffering the consequences of diets gone wrong or information overload. She quickly realized, it wasn't that they wanted to make poor eating decisions, they simply were eating for convenience and were mislead from years of being told to count calories and restrict for results. Almost everyone she encountered in 10 years of training under-consumed what their bodies needed and over-consumed what their bodies didn't need and couldn't use. Everyone she encountered had a toxic relationship with food. These mental toxicities would range from thinking eating healthy meant not enjoying eating, restricting and depriving either calories or macronutrients, living with digestive discomfort or other ailments caused by food, and addiction or emotional eating. This was all so backwards and something had to be done.

Un-Diet was created to solve this very problem. The Un-Diet System takes you through a three step process of Un-Learning (the crap), Un-Processing, and then applying Un-Diet into your daily life through a habit building 30 Day Routine. 

Un-Diet follows key easy-to-remember principles and encourages a mainly plant based food consumption. Being consistent and following Un-Diet will lead to:

- Increased Energy

- Fat Loss

- Decrease in Systemic Inflammation

- Decrease in Bloat and Digestive Discomfort

- Improved Skin Health



Option 1: Grab the Book and Un-Learn, Un-Process, and Un-Diet

Option 2: Grab the Kit and apply the Un-Diet principles for 30 Days



 Un-Diet is part of Body By Me, a health and wellness company founded by Emily Meisnerr, focusing on giving everyone the tools they need to take their body back into their hands. The whole Body By Me approach focuses on transforming the body from the inside out. Learn more below.