Meet Our Ambassadors

Karissa Carney, Tucson AZ

Fitness has been a passion of mine for quite some time. I’ve played volleyball since I was 7 years old and was lucky enough to play D1 volleyball for my first year of college. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate working out and keeping my body healthy solely to feel good, rather than looking at the performance aspect of it. I do miss being a collegiate athlete, but the way I train and the way I feel in my own skin now compared to then is completely different. I’m more aware of the food I’m putting in and how my body reacts to it and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve just recently started my fitness Instagram to share my journey and encourage others to live a happy, balanced, and healthy lifestyle. I’m also so excited to be a part of the Un-Diet team and can’t wait to see what the future holds!!




Joanna Nassif, Toronto CAN
I am a personal trainer in Toronto. My passions induce writing (currently working on a couple novels), training, and a lot of mental work! Our bodies are a by-product of what we feed our minds; we need to constantly do the work required to make sure we are taking care of our mind and energy! The rest falls into place once we begin to change how we think and perceive things; such as, food (we need to obtain and maintain a positive relationship with it), our bodies, and our health. Our minds are really the conductors of our bodies. Mind + body connection is very important to me and I love helping people realize how powerful they can be, once both are in balance, if they put in the work!
I am currently working on energy healing and spirituality, as I have obtained my Reiki Level One, and on the way to becoming Level Two certified. You can find me on Instagram @joannannassif



Anna Cameron, Clearwater FL
I am a mother of 3, wife and currently a full time employee. I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for many years now, it is my absolute passion which is what led me to get my NASM Certification in Personal Training. I currently do one on one trainings and weekend bootcamps. Coming up with new workouts for myself and others is what I love to do. Seeing people overcome what they once thought was impossible brings me great fulfillment and excitement. Learning about the breakdown of food and what we put into our body has become my new obsession. Un-Diet made a huge shift for me and my relationship with food. I am so eager to share this with everyone just because of how simple yet life changing it has been for me. I plan on incorporating 30 day challenges with friends, family and clients using the Un-Diet Kit/System. I am honored to be part of the Un-Diet team and can’t wait to start changing the lives of so many others everywhere! You can find me on Instagram @its_jus_anna



Nikita Francois, Los Angeles CA

Originally from NY, Nikita is an LA-based actor and influencer. Born to a family of Haitian and Cuban lineage, Nikita speaks fluent French and has a flare for Salsa dancing. Notably, her acting versatility has landed her roles in commercials, film & Issa Rae’s webseries “Dumped.” Part of Nikita’s daily routine includes remaining physically active and enjoying a wholesome, nutritious lifestyle. Stay up-to-date by following along on Instagram @nikita.francois or via her website



Monique Bell, Los Angeles CA

Monique is a natural athlete who participated in Cheer, Dance, Track & Field, and Cross County all through high school and college. Here to educate and challenge individuals on their fitness journey’s. Monique became a certified personal trainer because being able to help people change their bodies is the ultimate rewardExtremely dedicated and passionate about what she does, her goal is to motivate people into becoming more active while learning to make healthier lifestyle choices. High energy and endurance are some of her best qualities and her positive outlook on life is driven by the desire to constantly create a better version of self, while encouraging others to stay active. Monique nourishes her  passions by seeking higher education in the health and fitness industry and by constantly setting new challenges to herself. You can follow her on Instagram @moniquebellfit



Ali Moiseyenko, Charlotte NC

I am originally from Ukraine but grew up and live in Charlotte NC. As I was going through my early teens I formed a horrible relationship with food and reached my heaviest weight ever. About 2 ½ years ago my life completely changed. It didn’t only change because 85 pounds of excess body fat were lost, but it changed because I realized that I had complete control over what happens to me. I realized that everything that happens to my body and health is a direct consequence of the choices I make. Although I am just a college student and a barista now, I have big goals for my future, one of which is getting certified in being a personal trainer. When I got the message that I was chosen to be an ambassador of Un-Diet I honestly couldn’t be happier. After struggling so much with diets to lose weight, I finally decided to just eat healthy, aka eat real foods. So, when I found Un-Diet it just made my heart happy because I found something that confirmed my beliefs already and helped change my perspective on eating even more. So exited for what’s to come! Make sure to go give me a follow @losethelazy


Alicia Mogent, Brampton CAN

Alicia  is a personal trainer who specializes in Functional Training, who runs her own personal training business called CiaFit. Throughout the many years, Alicia's background stems from Gymnastics, cheerleading, bodybuilding (Bikini Modeling), and powerlifting. Alicia is studying right now to become a nutrition coach and then will further her studies as a Holistic Nutritionist CNP (Certified Nutrition Practioner). With a Passion for fitness and nutrition, Alicia loves creating new ways to have fun with workouts and the food she eats on her social media handle for others to get inspired. Alicia is working on putting on her first boot camp to come later this year and has now started up her own online training program for new clients. Follow her on Instagram @Cia.Fit


Gabrielle O'Hara, Montreal CAN
Gabrielle is a professional dancer and choreographer specializing in Hip-Hop, Commercial Dance, Waacking and Heels for the past 10 years. Passionate, determined and versatile, Gabrielle participated in the first urban dance competition televised in Quebec Danser pour gagner (the Canadian version of America’s Best Dance Crew) with the Womanity group going all the way to the Top 5! To stay at the top of her game, she’s been doing CrossFit 4 to 5 times a week for the past 2 years and is a firm believer in eating REAL food to fuel her body! You can follow her on Instagram @gabrielleohara

Karen Rum, Northern Virginia

Born and raised in Northern Virginia to two South American parents, Karen was taught from an early age the importance of eating organic, healthy foods. She dabbled in tennis throughout elementary school but by no means considered herself an athlete. It was not until college that she found her way into the gym, where she discovered her life's passion: physical fitness. 

After seeing and feeling the changes that she could make to her own physique through proper nutrition and exercise, she was inspired her to teach others to do the same. Karen achieved her Fitness Career Certificate while in college, and then went on to become a Personal Trainer and Facility Manager at The Perfect Workout, a private training company. 

Karen is excited to be a part of the UN-Diet team and to help change the way people eat for the better! Add her on Instagram @trainwithrum 


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