14 Day Meal Plan

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Now is a great time to reconstruct your norms. Break up with the bad habits, and break up with diets. You have the time to focus on you, so let’s come out of this quarantine better than we entered it.

This meal plan includes most foods you would already have and/or keep well during these times. Remember a good way to keep produce is to prepare and freeze, such as chopping fruit and freezing it ready for smoothies and bowls.

This plan is designed to be plant based, the reasoning behind you can learn further by reading the Un-Diet Book. If you have always wanted to become more plant based these next 14 days are a great way to learn. If you want to add another protein source into a dinner meal, you can do so, but we encourage you to take this next 14 day journey plant based and unprocessed, aka the Un-Diet way.

The ultimate goal is this becomes a habit past 14 days. This isn’t for weight loss - it’s for health. Healthy Weight Loss will come from focusing on healing your body inside out