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THIS ISN'T A DIET. It is a perspective.


Don't bring diets into 2020. Start the Un-Diet System and end all struggles with eating and knowing what to eat. Un-Diet will completely reconstruct the way you view food, feel, and look. Be prepared to increased your energy, drop unwanted bloat and have glowing skin. This Kit is designed to take the information from the book and apply it to your daily life. This is not something you only do for 30 days, it is something that helps build your new and improved lifestyle via nutrition over the next 30 days.



The Un-Diet System is a one-time fee for access to all information past the 30 Days

The Un-Diet 2.0 Kit Contains:

  • The Book: Un-Diet Revised Edition, Hard Copy (paper back)
  • Free E-Book Version of The Book (to keep on your phone and refer to!)
  • The Journal: A 30-Day Journal designed to reconstruct your habits over the next 30 days [contains meal guides, grocery guides, snack lists, and more]
  • Un-Limited Access to the Un-Diet Community: where you can learn and share with other Un-Dieters, get guidance from Un-Diet Ambassadors & Emily herself [group contains weekly grocery finds, recipes and more]
  • Approved/Avoid Cheat Sheet Card
  • Reminder Fridge Magnets
  • Magnet Grocery List Notepad

* Please make sure you use an e-mail in your order check out process that is linked to your Facebook account (this is needed for an invite to the Private Group)

Kits are non-refundable

Disclaimer: Un-Diet is developed from a collection of personal experience and opinion on these nutrition perspectives. Please note this is not medical advise. Before making any changes to you nutrition consult your doctor.