UN-DIET 2.0: The Book [Hardcopy]

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THIS ISN'T A DIET. It is a perspective.


Don't bring diets into 2020. Start the Un-Diet System and end all struggles with eating and knowing what to eat. Un-Diet will completely reconstruct the way you view food, feel, and look. Be prepared to increased your energy, drop unwanted bloat and have glowing skin. 

Un-Diet is the complete book that takes you through the steps of Un-Learning all misconceptions surrounding "healthy eating", Un-Processing your life and applying the simple Un-Diet principles to your daily routine so you never have to "diet again".




This is a physical copy of the book (soft cover)

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Disclaimer: Un-Diet is developed from a collection of personal experience and opinion on these nutrition perspectives. Please note this is not medical advise. Before making any changes to you nutrition consult your doctor.